Proxmox install

I want to install rhasspy on my nuc proxmox vm (with no other software).
What OS should I use?
Can it be installed on an LXC container?
I want a minimal solution to run rhasspy solely

There are Debian-based Docker images for Rhasspy, so running it in a Debian LXC container shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks, but I’m not that expert to understand what you wrote :slight_smile:
As much as I understand both LXC and docker are different container technology,
so I cab I run docker in a LXC?

Looked at the docs and understood you meant to install .deb file in LXC, right?

No, there’s no straightforward way to run a Docker image on LXC, as far as I know. I was just pointing to the fact that Rhasspy is able to run in a Docker container and that the images are Debian-based, so it should also be able to run in a Debian-based LXC container. So yes, I meant you could try installing the .deb file in a Debian-based LXC container.

If I choose the docker path, which OS is proffered for the VM?
The VM runs rhasspy solely, so I want something light and simple.

I would choose Debian (which is also quite light in a minimal installation), or maybe Alpine or Arch if you have experience with it. But I would definitely choose something that you’re comfortable with, otherwise it complicates matters.

For nuc it is the amd64, right?

Yes, just don’t select anything when the software selection list comes up (except maybe SSH Server if you need it). The NUC should be amd64 yes.

Thanks for your help