Power Cycle question

Hi all!

I’ve lost household power several times (so far no issue other than an IP address change) but would like to know if a loss of power/power cycle will corrupt the SD card/render Rhasspy unusable?

Currently, the headless RPi 4 is only used for Rhasspy (Docker + Node-RED) and I was reading the below as a possible solution if able?

Power cycling RPi - Product support / balenaOS - balenaForums

Alternatively, I’ve looked into a few UPS’ but would prefer to avoid if no risk/risk can be mitigated of sporadic power cycles .


Well, in general, cutting power to a machine like a Pi or laptop is potentially dangerous.
So yes, a power outage could corrupt the sd card.
That said, I often just pull the plug an a Pi instead of reboot/shutdown and never had any issues.

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Using a SSD instead of the SD card is another popular approach. Fortunately there are a number of options (especially given that a RasPi 4 is fairly low power). It all comes down to the impact and risk of a failure vs the cost and complexity of a solution.

Personally I make sure I have a backup and a copy of the microSD card. Easy and cheap - but i expect it will take a while before I notice the outage and swap SD cards.

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Thank you for the responses! I’ve backed up the SD card in the meantime as well.

What are you thoughts on the linked/below option @romkabouter @donburch ?

Hi @koyaanisqatsi,

You’re correct that a sudden power-cycle can invalidate data in the SD card. We’ve actually designed balenaOS to mount root partition as read-only, to ensure the host OS is stateless. More information about the architecture here .

Moreover, balenaEngine syncs directly to disk as it pulls any image (as opposed to docker/moby, which pulls to memory first), and unless the whole of the image arrived it won’t be used.

The above means that the devices are protected against power-cycle/loss. This doesn’t include application data though. If your application does write to disk, you’ll need to make sure such cases are taken care of.

Hope this helps!


Rhasspy writes to disk (the profile).
But my previous statements still stand. Yes, potentially damage but I have never had any issues.

Okay great, thanks again!