Possible to use Tablet as Mic?

Hey folks!

Question that feels equally obvious and impossible.

I’m building a house and the current plan is to hide Pi+[mic array of some kind] in the ceilings of basically every room and power the whole thing with HA+Node-RED+Rhasspy. Thing is, I will also have tablets on the walls in each and every room. Would it be possible to use the microphone on the tablet to listen for the wakeword and subsequent commands?

The tablets will be used to display a fully custom UI I’m building (custom CSS & JS, websocket to Node-RED) and the web page will be loaded up in Fully Kiosk Browser (https://www.fully-kiosk.com/en/) which has a fairly robust API.

Anyone tried to do something like this? Is this even possible?


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Possible, because it sounds you know your way around code.
You should try and get the audio from the mic to send over MQTT to Rhasspy, effectively creating a remote mic.
Maybe some other way of audio input is suitable for you, read the docs here:

There is the node-red-contrib-ui-mic node for the nodered dashboard. You could try looking at the nodes code and adapt it for your custom frontend.
If its an android tablet you could also use tasker to build a shortcut to send audio from the tablet to nodered over an http endpoint.
Same goes for ios where you can use siri shortcuts to send the audio to nodered and convert it there to the right format with something line node-red-contrib-sox-utils and send it on to Rhasspy over mqtt as @romkabouter suggested above.


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fishertimj, can you show your mic code, please? I think about using tablet as mic via browser, but i m newbie and can`t find similar tutorial?
Are you used node-red-node-ui-microphone?

Still working through it but I most certainly WILL share when I’m done! I’m making solid progress.