Possibility to start script/curl after recognizing specific sentence?


I’m running Rhasspy with Home Assistant (Homematic integration).

Everything is working great. Unfortunately Home Assistant has no integration for Homematics CUXD or Homematic programs.

Because of the Homematic addon XML-API it is very easy to start a program or access a CUXD decice by running a simple curl command (example):

“curl http://homemaitcip/addons/xmlapi/statechange.cgi?ise_id=21530&new_value=1.0

Is there any possibility to run a curl command or start a script when Rhasspy is recognizing a specific sentence within sentences.ini?

Or is there any other option if I go trough Rhasspy > HASS > curl command?

Thank you in advance and thank’s for this great project

Hey @kafisc,

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I remember that @arpagor62970 manages scripts locally and described how to do this in this forum thread.
Hope this helps you.

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You can go through Home Assistant: