Porcupine - What is your "Sensitivity" value definition?

I would seriously like to minimize the false wake word recognitions. I’m using the default “porcupine” wake word. What does everyone else use and/or recommend?

I don’t think I have fiddled with sensitivity for porcupine - current vale on both my satellites is 0.3.

False wake word recognition is bigger issue though … I assume you have looked at other threads, including

I definitely understand muting the wakeword detection if the TV is on. Recently lost my DHCP static address assignments, and the TV drops the hard-wired Ethernet interface when it’s turned off. :frowning: But the good news is, if the TV is on and not muted, I can create an automation in Home Assistant to send either an HTTP curl command or an MQTT message (somehow?) to disable the wakeword detection.

Thank you for providing that thread, it’s WELL WORTH the short time required to read. :slight_smile:

Where I have bigger problems is when the room is practically dead quiet, and porcupine (for some completely unknown reason) will think it should awaken. :imp: Those are the false positives I seriously would like to eliminate. Didn’t know if anyone had anything like this occurring or not.