Porcupine custom wake word not working

I’ve used several of the available Porcupine wake words while getting Rhasspy setup on my Raspberry Pi. I’m at a good spot with my setup now and wanted to use a custom wake word. I tried out the Raven option with the 3 recordings but with it being my voice I tested and it doesn’t work well for my wife or son. Since the porcupine wake words work so well I signed up for access to the Picovoice console and was able to create a couple custom wake word/phrases of my own. In the Picovoice console they work perfectly…surprisingly near perfect recognition. I downloaded the ppn files and used a usb memory stick to copy it over to my RPi. I created a porcupine folder and copied it in there as the Rhasspy setup suggests. Rhasspy recognizes the ppn files because it now allows me to choose them in the dropdown. However choosing either of these means it won’t recognize any voice input. I can toggle right back to one of the default ones and it works. I’ve checked the logs and see no errors. I’ve made sure the auth on the ppn files are correct. (I assume it must be if Rhasspy recognizes them to choose) I made sure to choose RPi in Pico console when generating the wake words. They test fine in the Pico console. What am I missing? Any suggestions on other things to try? Thanks.