Playing a rhasspy sound by mqtt message

I would like to play an alarm sound on a satellite, controlled by Hassio.
I did it with nodered. This works. I don’t want to use python handler.
Is it possible to play one of the rhasspy sounds (wake, recorded, error) by sending a mqtt message to a satellite?

Have a look at the reference:

You can send a wave file to: hermes/audioServer/<siteId>/playBytes/<requestId>
Or post a wave file to /api/play-wav

I don’t think there is a way to trigger those specific sounds, but you might not need it with above options

Yes, This works with nodered, I have to read the file and send it as bufferobject.

  • I don’t know, how this is possible in Hassio
  • I have to send useless stuff with mqtt

Ah ok, sorry I misunderstood.

I don’t think there is a message for triggering the various sounds (Wake/Recorded/Error)