Pi4 over the top


I have a problem with my master.
A pi4, was working fine, just changed yesterday raven settings to use 3 custom wakewords.

Dunno if related but now, when saying the wakeword, it get detected 1 minute later (yes 1min).

Here is a top:

I have shutdon docker, cleaned images/containers, restarted from fresh. rebooted. Same.

Any idea what is happening ? Nothing else on the pi apart docker rhasspy.

My Pi3 as satellite (wakeword raven same config, and tts, then mqtt) is around 3.6%

Just in comparison

Snips master Pi3B+ : 75% cpu
Snips satellite Pi0 : 20% cpu (same, tts + wakeword with 3 custom ones)

docker stop rhasspy -> 0.7%