Pi3+ 2 mic respeaker hat distorted in Rhasspy

Hi All

Ive used a 2 mic respeaker in a spare pi3+ it works fine after installing the drivers in in the latest raspberry pi OS using these commands

arecord -f cd -Dhw:2 test.wav
aplay -Dhw:0 test.wav
this works fine with a slight background buzz

but the playback in Rhasspy is disordered and very quiet
also its not responding to the wake word

any ideas where to look would be great right now

You are recording a stereo signal, but I think Rhasspy is only analyzing a mono signal.
I do not know if Rhasspy just takes the first channel encountered or it mixes the channels found.
In any case, if it takes the first channel and it the one with the buzz, then that might be the reason.
If it mixes the channels, then the buzz channel might be more powerful that you realize and thereby destroying the other one,

thanks for the reply I went back to basics and imaged the SD card from Bullsesye to Buster and lots of my problems went away the mic is recording fine now have other issues with the HA add-on that ill open a new thread for