Pi Zero W with respeaker 2 mics

Hi there,

i have running Rhasspy on my Synology as base Station on docker well. As Satellite 1 i use a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Matrix Voice Mic Array also without Problems. They communicate over an external MQTT Server.

For my second Satellite now i want to use an Pi Zero W with an ReSpeaker 2 Mic Hat. I startet from scratch how described in the Docs for the docker PiZero Installation 2 times with Raspi OS Buster lite and the ReSpeaker drivers without luck. I can record with “arecord -f cd test.wav” and play it with “aplay test.wav” succesfull on the ReSpeaker.

But in Rhasspy i get always errors. Mic and Speaker will not work.
Has anyone running with this Hardware succesfull?

BlockquoteDEBUG:2020-12-30 16:59:40,324] rhasspydialogue_hermes: Subscribed to hermes/asr/textCaptured
usage: rhasspy-microphone-pyaudio-hermes [-h] [–list-devices]
[–device-index DEVICE_INDEX]
[–sample-rate SAMPLE_RATE]
[–sample-width SAMPLE_WIDTH]
[–channels CHANNELS]
[–output-site-id OUTPUT_SITE_ID]
[–udp-audio-host UDP_AUDIO_HOST]
[–udp-audio-port UDP_AUDIO_PORT]
[–frames-per-buffer FRAMES_PER_BUFFER]
[–host HOST] [–port PORT]
[–username USERNAME]
[–password PASSWORD] [–tls]
[–tls-ca-certs TLS_CA_CERTS]
[–tls-certfile TLS_CERTFILE]
[–tls-keyfile TLS_KEYFILE]
[–tls-version TLS_VERSION]
[–tls-ciphers TLS_CIPHERS]
[–site-id SITE_ID] [–debug]
[–log-format LOG_FORMAT]
rhasspy-microphone-pyaudio-hermes: error: argument --device-index: invalid int value: ‘hw:CARD=seeed2micvoicec,DEV=0’
2020-12-30 16:59:53,431 INFO exited: microphone (exit status 2; expected)

Seems it just wants an integer index rather than string.

aplay -l

-Dplughw:0 or whatever index I usually use plughw over hw as it also adds automatic resampling channel mapping and reduces likelihood of error

Thanks for the hint. Finaly i get it yesterday evening working. Had to disable Audio in /boot/config.txt


Then these Settings worked in the Profile:

“dialogue”: {
“system”: “rhasspy”
“intent”: {
“system”: “hermes”
“microphone”: {
“system”: “arecord”
“mqtt”: {
“enabled”: “true”,
“host”: “192.168.xxx.xxx”,
“site_id”: “satellite-og”
“sounds”: {
“system”: “aplay”
“speech_to_text”: {
“system”: “hermes”
“text_to_speech”: {
“system”: “hermes”
“wake”: {
“satellite_site_ids”: “satellite-og”

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