Pi Zero 2 Stock


I just got x2 even though it says lead time 373 days, I did put the order in on the 07/10/22 15.35 PM though but they may be taking new.

Good for you rolyan !!

But given how often you have rubbished Raspberry Pi and Rhasspy here in the past I am sure you must have some motive other than to encourage people to use them, when a $2 microphone will do a better job.

I have no idea what that response is supposed to be. Or what you are on about as what $2 microphone?

The Pi Zero 2 is a Pi3 and very capable of running the algs that the Pi Zero does not. That is just fact and like it or not.
Its about capability and solutions and no I have never rubbished raspberry just that stock is not avail.
The Pi Zero is Armv6, no neon 32bit and for a ML heavy world of voice algs it just doesn’t come near being capable.
Also I haven’t rubbished Rhasspy but I have pointed out on numerous times essential audio procesing is missing and various posts on how to enable the nearest we can get.
I have no motive apart from saying that prob the best product Raspberry make might be back in stock.

It not just good for me, it might be good for all and hence why it was posted, I don’t do fan boy, just opinion and info on what is good for the job.

PS I got an invoice I should say havem’t got the Zero2’s yet.

Maybe its a glitch in the system and not true and just resending me emails to annoy, but farnell are global.

Still no idea as they seem to be continuing to taunt me

As just got another 01/02