Pi Zero 2 in stock

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Oh well that didn’t last long, apols as I got one so definately was in stock.

What ya gonna use them for?

I have been waiting to do a 2mic broadcast KW project on the respeaker 2mic hat as have working algs for either beamforming or Blind Source Seperation.
Its been on a backburner for 2 years as pointless if no stock and still really pushes past the $10 device I really want to achieve.

I think distributed KW as a device can have multiple in a zone to increase coverage and do off device training to create a small bias model of use (users profile).

I have x3 one brand new and not opened and not going to use them as Raspberry are releasing miniscule qty’s to provide the semblance of some stock whilst really its not true. The stock released are sold out in hours not because of huge orders but purely because the stock is miniscule.

I have sort of given up on Raspberrry as they are not great for ML, price or stock anymore and will prob bung the unused 02 on ebay.

Agree on the stock thing. It’s frustrated me to the point that I’ve pretty much given up on them as well. I grabbed an S3 to tinker with a while back, but I never have spare time. Not to mention I don’t have anywhere near the understanding necessary like you and synesthesiam have.

As a server for say Rhasspy or Homeassistant irreespective of stock I wouldn’t buy a Pi anyway.
@ £53.77 the 4gb is the cheapest rk3588(s) variant I know and for approx the same price its performance especially ML is x5 of Pi4 for the CPU and also has a much stronger GPU and a NPU as a bonus.

Its the low end that I have been surprised a low cost commercial device of a broadcast KWS for approx $10 as rather fighting physics and audio engineering placement of several distributed devices can provide much better coverage.

Orange Pi again do a Zero3


For £12.22 they look great and out of curiosity I have one on order as the H618 was a minor upgrade over the H616 of Opi-Zero2.
Still though with a usb soundcard and 2x mics its in the $30 region, pretty sure a custom ESP32-S3 solution would be nearer that $10 mark but don’t want to end up with a 100+ boards I fail to sell.