Optional Words Surrounding

Hey guys,
I could need a little help with the Optional Words Surrounding. So reduce my sentense.ini, I tried to use as many optional words as possible, to get it work.
[schalte | schalt | stell]{action:.state} [die | das] $device_name{device} $device_state{state}

My problem is now, that it technically it works, but on my mqtt Broker, the sended intent shows up as “schalte | schalt | stell” and not as “ChangeDeviceState”, as it should.

Is it possible to fix this? If not, is it possible to get another Surrounding for Optional Words?

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Alternatives are surrounded by parenthesis not brackets…

Brackets are used for an optional part.

[ ( schalte | schalt | stell ) ]

Also intents starting with a bracket should be escaped otherwise the content of the optional is used as intent name.

See « Special syntax » in:

Hope this helps.

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