Optimal settings for the respeaker 2-mics pi hat + JST audio out?

I am running Pi OS 5.10.17-v7l+ 32-bit (seeed voice card os) with rhasspy configured.

My current satellite, which is a raspberry pi zero w + respeaker 2 mic pi hat.

Audio input/output sounds seem to be awful and I had better experience with a generic USB-webcam.

I was wondering what experience you might have with this module and what settings I could change to improve the overall experience.

I have tried changing settings in alsamixer but the amount of options are overwhelming and I am not sure which values to adjust.

You can try these but thread a bit old now.

Thank you so much! The custom driver + alsa settings seem to have increased the overall performance for the respeaker hat.

Although the audio quality has improved, the output volume is on the low side. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the cheap speaker I’m using.

I have forgot and always been critical mainly due to drivers and being over complex, but its not bad if you get it to work.

Volume and weak signals is one of the problems of hobbyest smart-speakers and there is an alsa-plugins AGC if you install speex.
Also most people because its a hat have the microphones pointing up to the ceiling, but guess you just push the volume and agc-max-gain up a touch.

Debian still installs an old RC of speex whilst alsa-plugins looks for the later release so you have compile