Numpy.ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility

Hello, i’ve play with Rhasspy for my school project and i’m really interested in TTS, Larynx. The English voice, French voice and German voice are really good. Hence, i wanna take this into another step and installed Larynx in my virtual box. Unfortunately i encountered this error which i’m still looking for the possible solutions. My goal is to be able to use TTS via command-in-line because my NanoM1+ has no graphic input. I’m using this device to sent the command for Smart Home usage. Thank you in advance.

Try upgrading to numpy 1.20.1. There seems to be some weird reaction with versions of Python beyond 3.6 between numpy and pyworld.

You might be happy to learn as well that the next version of Larynx will both be much faster and much lighter on dependencies :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much ! I managed to generate .wav file. Now i know that Larynx is fully functional in my Virtualbox in my laptop, so next i’ll try to install it into my NanoPiM1+

I’m looking forward the next version of Larynx !