Number ranges don't work in czech

i am experiencing a weird issue. I have problems with number ranges. They don’t seem to work when rhasspy is started with cs profile (–profile cs).

This is inside sentences:
vyber (1…10){number}

And the error is:
TrainingFailedException: Command ‘[‘fstcompile’, ‘–isymbols=/home/cpteaglex/.config/rhasspy/profiles/cs/kaldi/model/data/lang/words.txt’, ‘–osymbols=/home/cpteaglex/.config/rhasspy/profiles/cs/kaldi/model/data/lang/words.txt’, ‘–keep_isymbols=false’, ‘–keep_osymbols=false’, ‘/home/cpteaglex/.config/rhasspy/profiles/cs/kaldi/language_model.txt’, ‘/home/cpteaglex/.config/rhasspy/profiles/cs/kaldi/model/data/lang/G.fst.unsorted’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

Everything seems running just fine when having english profile. Could this mean that rhasspy just doesn’t have defined number ranges in czech? Worst case scenario is that i would have to define converters for numbers in text format :confused:

this is in sentences, somehow i see 3 dots in a previous post instead of 2 that i actually wrote