Notify function does not work?

Working on some code. Using notify to send an asynchronous message from Rhasspy. Used the example on the site to speak the time every number of seconds. This uses threading.Timer. When trying to test a one time event and send a notify message, it does not work. Code below from the example with the threading.Timers commented out and simplified code does not work. Any ideas???

This first version below with a straight function call: The print statement works in the function but nothing from Rhasspy on the notify.

“”“Example app to tell you the time every minute with a notification.”“”
import logging
import threading
from datetime import datetime
from time import sleep
from rhasspyhermes_app import HermesApp

_LOGGER = logging.getLogger(“TimeNotificationApp”)
SITE_ID = “satellite”

def tell_time():
“”“Tell the time with a notification.”“”
now =“%H %M”)
print(“now is:”,now)
app.notify(f"It’s {now}", SITE_ID)
#threading.Timer(SECONDS, tell_time).start()

app = HermesApp(“TimeNotificationApp”)
#threading.Timer(SECONDS, tell_time).start()

If you enable the threading timer at the end of the function, the print statement works the first time the function is called but, notify does not. Subsequent calls each 15 seconds, the print and the notify works. A simple call of a function with a Rhasspy notify within the function does not seem to work for me.