NodeRed, Intents, or Events

Alright, to be honest I think this is my third attempt at getting Rhasspy setup. I don’t really know/remember why I abandoned my previous attempts but I did.
So far I think I’ve made more progress than before. I’ve just finished setting Rhasspy up and my speech is recognized when I click the ‘Wake’ button.

So before I start thrashing around trying to get Rhasspy connected to HA I’m wondering if I should use NodeRed to be the interface between Rhasspy and HA?

The big plus for me to go this route is I had a flow setup when I had Snips running where I could ask Snips to play a radio station from a curated list of stations.
I’m not super stocked about writing a bunch of intents or automations in HA.

But maybe there are solid reason for picking Intents or Events?

So what say you? NodeRed, Intents, or Events? and why?

Depends on your needs and experience, I do not use Node-Red but if you can reuse a flow that might be a plus.

In my opinion there sure is!
When using Events, you will never have to restart Home Assistant when you want to change or add itents.
This is because when you use intents, you have to implement intent_script.
So changing things requires a restart (and configuration obviously)

When using events, you can simply add an automation triggered by that event.
I find it way more simple to create an automation which can call numerous services for complex intents and you do not have to restart Home Assistant in any way to make use of the new / changed intents.

I do not know how you have setup your Node-Red, but I think Rhasspy also sends MQTT messages when using events, so you might even be able to use both. I will double check the last bit about Rhasspy publishing messages.

It really depends how dependent on HA you are as well as how tightly coupled you wish to be with HA and where you wish the main repository of rules to be stored.

Am using intents via MQTT with Node-red flows starting and ending in MQTT topics. This way all automations can be driven via or seen by anything that can see MQTT topics but assumes node-red as my rule engine and repository.

Maybe a third option is to use MQTT as the interface between rhasspy and HA as your rule engine/repository which creates a loosely coupled arrangement.

Very interesting point of view! You can also do all sorts of things in Node-Red with the HA Nodes or do other stuff like sending emails :smiley:

I’m using option 3 as it was the simplist to get going and understand from a beginners point of view.
Speak (Rhasspy), Action(Node-Red), Results(Home Assistant)

I also want NR and HA to be in sync as much as possible and I think this is the easiest way for me to keep them sync’d