No audio but wake word works

I recently installed Rhasspy and am trying to get it to work but I’ve run into an unexpected issue. I set everything to the default recommended and when I say “Porcupine” it chimes and shows that it listens for about 10 seconds. But no speech is ever recognized and when I play the WAV file it is ~0.25 seconds long of silence. I know the microphone is working as it wakes up to the wake word and in statistics I can see audio statistics I can see the energy line up to my speech or hand claps. So I’m not sure how this is happening or how to fix this. I installed Rhasspy as an add on to home assistant which is running as a VM.

That is odd.

  • You can hear the chime, which suggests your speaker is working correctly.
  • Detecting your wake word suggests the microphone is working.

Could you post here your Rhasspy configuration. It’s a pain to post a lot of printscreens, but the “Advanced” option in the “Settings” menu gives a nice text summary which is easy to copy and paste here. Remember to blank out any passwords.
Screenshot from 2022-11-19 13-18-23

I tried restarting multiple times but didn’t get anywhere. I ended up loading Rhasspy as a docker image instead and have it up and running that way. Unfortunately this means I will need two speakers as home assistant has one and Rhasspy docker will need a separate one. My next task will be to try to find a way to connect them both to a remote media server or something if that’s possible. But for now it is working.

If you’re still interested in the config I’ll still post it below. Thanks for the help!

“dialogue”: {
“system”: “rhasspy”
“handle”: {
“system”: “hass”
“home_assistant”: {
“access_token”: “REDACTED”
“intent”: {
“system”: “fsticuffs”
“microphone”: {
“system”: “pyaudio”
“sounds”: {
“aplay”: {
“volume”: “0.2”
“system”: “aplay”
“speech_to_text”: {
“system”: “kaldi”
“text_to_speech”: {
“nanotts”: {
“language”: “en-GB”,
“volume”: “0.1”
“system”: “nanotts”
“wake”: {
“porcupine”: {
“keyword_path”: “porcupine_linux.ppn”
“system”: “porcupine”

Huh ? why do you need 2 speakers ? Is the HA one for playing music, and the Rhasspy one for text-to-speech ?