New version of Raspbian OS out

Raspbian OS have been updated to Debian Bullseye, so be sure to get the version from 30. october or later if you are installing.

The update include a huge jump forward in the version of the alsa-lib, which is affecting sound cards alot.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I was just looking at the announcement, and the improvements seem very significant for desktop users … but I have a PC for desktop use, and all my RasPi’s are running specific applications so RasPi OS Lite is more applicable.

Improvements in alsa could make a noticeable difference in my Rhasspy satellites, so here I go again doing another rebuild or four :wink:

I run the lite version too, but that one is updated too. :slight_smile:

Even more interesting is the fact that PipeWire works. I wasn’t able to actually get it working under pipewire, but Pipewire opens and closes cards on-demand, so I was able to use PW as pi while directly accessing a card as root with Rhasspy.

I would love to see a proper JACK implementation in Rhasspy. Being able to fully route with PW would add a lot of really interesting possibilities like processing audio from SIP calls or Mumble clients.

Seriously one of the more amazing releases ever!

Can you tell how you setup up Pipewire to allow other users to access it?