New 3D printing case for Rhasspy

Hello. My first prototype object in 3D printing, a box for Rhasspy with a Raspberry Pi 4 B, a ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array and an HP6R2W speaker with JST connector.

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Nice! It almost looks like a face :slight_smile:

Yes. It looks nice.
What about publishing the construction files. I would like to try them.

No problem, with pleasure!
I have a small error that I need to correct on my drawing, concerning the speaker fixing (this is my first 3D printing test). I will be doing this this weekend and I will post the .stl files.

Hi !
I designed and printed a new case which is much more compact. It looks more like Amazon’s Echo Dot 2.
What do you think about this prototype?
Do you prefer that I give the files of my first model or of this one?


This is awesome! I’d be interested in the second one :slight_smile:

Hi !
Well done and thank you very much for all the great work you do!
Here is the link to a Dropbox folder where there are the 3 .stl files for the 3 parts that make up the box that looks like Amazon Echo Dot 2.


For the people who like me have been following @rolyan_trauts microphone adventures or were inspired by them, I’ve been working on an echo dot style case for a raspberry pi 3a+ and an electret microphone. It’s not quite finished yet as unfortunately I’m too busy with other things atm but here is what I’ve got so far working as one of my satellites:

The things used are:

  • cm108 usb soundcard (directly soldered usb naked usb plug and jumper wires on both mic and headphone to safe space
  • max9814 electret mic module
  • adafruit Pam8302 mono amplifier
  • visaton bf 32 speaker
  • a ky-016 rgb led module

With this combination I managed to fit everything in a sub 10 cm printed round case.
I’ll upload the files once I am satisfied with them but for now I’m still fine tuning some of the positions.



@JGKK Loving the design! :+1:

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@JGKK How is the USB sound card audio quality? Do you have static or noise in the speaker when there is no playback?

Great ! Nice model!
I see that other enthusiasts also spend hours drawing!:wink:
Mine is 11 centimeters in diameter and 4.7 centimeters high.
I also printed a white version.


That’s actually why i chose the pam8302 amp, it has a shutdown pin so i only activate it via nodered when im actually playing something on the speaker so in standby there is no sound at all. I think the biggest problem is shielding.
I already added some tin foil to the mic as i was getting a lot of noises from wifi and even the pi itself. I think electret mics are actually more prone to this than the mems variety. So you could probably quieten down the speaker with a similar tin foil strategy too.

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mine is 37 mm heigh and has a width of 99 mm :grimacing:

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