My ideas and getting started questions

I am ready to get started playing with rhasspy.

I believe I have enough to get going.

2 rpi 3+
2 psEye cameras for the mic arrays (bought when i was working with snips)
2 additional USB mic+headphone adapters.

I already have an MQTT broker on my network for alot of my home automation stuff. I am guessing though that rhasspy would be like snips and could potentially send alot to the mqtt broker (audio frames), but I saw a recommendation in another post that maybe the listeners have an onboard mqtt broker for the audio frames… Not sure if I could still use my existing fault tolerant mqtt installation as the master.

One other question - I definitely want to work with the master/satellite setup. My plan is to run this on the pi’s i already have around the house for various things. The master however, I am considering putting on something a little more powerful. I have an esxi setup here at home and could have my master node running on a VM with more power. Has anyone done this with running the master on something that has no audio hardware but just using it for processing?

Thanks! Excited to get moving with this after the let down from sonos/snips

Yes, I have, you then just configure the “microphone” and “speaker” on the master to use MQTT.

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Yes, I have Home Assistant running on a VM on proxmox (NUC). This has the Mosquitto addon installed and is used as master. HA is also running the Rhasppy Addon, connected to the Mosquitto.

As satellite I am using my Matrix Voice with the streamer. Currently running with hotword on device (only Alexa possible for now)
See the demo here

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Yup, the Rhasspy speech-to-text instance (‘server’) runs on the NUC i3 Home Assistant system that’s tucked away upstairs with other computers, no microphone, no speaker. Two RPi3 satellite (‘clients’) are placed downstairs in the living room and upstairs in the bedroom. Not using MQTT at all. Just Rhasspy doing it’s thing in the background.

very cool! checking out demo!

that’s awesome! Really glad to see that kind of setup is possible.

are those storm blind’s or just window blinds?

Just window blinds :slight_smile:

i was wondering. i live in florida, we get nasty storms all the time. automatic storm shutters should be a standard here lol