Multiple responses to spoken intent

So I’m getting some weirdness from Rhasspy that happens frequently but not all the time.

Since I haven’t unleashed Rhasspy on the family yet it lives in my office. When I take the long stair commute to work I ask Rhasspy to set the house temp.
Rhasspy give me the ‘I understood’ chime quickly followed by two ‘I didn’t undstand’ bonks. My intent is passed to Node Red as it should, the house temp get set to my requested temperature, and Rhasspy tells me ‘Setting the temperature to XX degrees’ which is quickly followed by 2 ‘I didn’t understand your request’ which is part of the Node Red flow.

I know the issue is with Rhasspy. My office is quiet, my Rpi is near by and not buried under papers.

Of course today I remembered before I asked to watch the log and didn’t bonk on me. I’ve tried a few ties and I can’t get the multiple responses.

Has anyone experienced this before?

I was about to post the same issue.
SInce I run my main station on my nas and all other rhasspys in my room I am using mostly satelites and I post everything to MQTT.

So I had now a look in MQTT. It seems like that two requests are made. The first one has the correct phrasing, the second one which is fired is some nonsense one which has nothing to do.

So it seem like the Rhasspy is starting twice it’s activation and only one finds some results.