Migrated HA to a mini PC. Now Rhasspy won't start?

I had Rhasspy working as a Home Assistant add-on when I was using a RasPI4. A few months ago, I migrated HA to a mini-PC. But I never had time to work on getting Rhasspy working again.

I’ve been trying tonight but when I visit the Rhasspy settings WebUI, I get a message that the IP address refused to connect. I checked the configuration page and it is set to use port 12101 and that’s the port I’m attempting to visit.

I’m at loss here.

Anyone have any pointers as to what I should check next?

I’m not familiar with the Hassio-Plugin, but first thing i’d try is, getting a backup from the profile.json and delete it. In my experience it’s mostly some settings… MQTT i.e., so starting with a fresh profil and going step by step trough the settings is a way to troubleshoot, or you can get the logs. Sorry I have no idea how it works in Homeassistant.