MaryTTS cmu-slt-hsmm (en_US Female hmm) speaks really slowly

This is a great project, loving the I’ve spent so far tinkering with it!

Ive run into an issue with MaryTTS, the cmu-slt-hsmm (en_US Female hmm) voice speaks really slowly for some reason. Like it is noticeably slower than the other options available, which is tragic because I think this is the clearest sounding english voice.

The strange thing is that when I test the voice through the MARY Web Client, it speaks at a normal speed. Perhaps it applies some effects that are not being applied when the TTS is called in Rhasspy?

I swear it was working fine the first time I ran the MaryTTS container… but when i re-ran it with just this voice to save on ram, this issue popped up. And now the slowness persists no matter what MaryTTS container I run. Very strange stuff…

Has anyone else run into this issue before?