Mark intent as handled by node-red using websockets on android app

Hi there, I am using android app to send voice commands, the base is setup with intent handling disabled and I have node-red listen to the intents on web sockets… the intentions are all recognised and passed through to node-red and all function correctly, however the app does not recognise that the intent has been handled which is causing other issues. Is there a correct message that can be sent from node-red to indicate that the intent has been handled?

All sorted now thanks - in case it helps anyone else it requires sending a msg over mqtt with topic
hermes/dialogueManager/endSession with payload “{“sessionId” : “your-intent-sessionid-here”,“text”: “custom message to report back to client”}”

… as pointed our here:

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Yes that’s the correct way as the app awaits the session to end and then will eventually timeout and end the session by itself.