Looking Ahead: Ideal Hardware for Whole-House Rhasspy Setup

Hi, all!

I’m building a big new smart home (OP on HA forums for context). A few of you commented over there I’m pretty sure. I know you did, @synesthesiam - thank you!. But I have a very specific set of questions for everyone here.

First, check out that post. Then I would love any feedback on my specific questions here:

  • Would in-ceiling or in-wall be a better place for the 36 satellites? Ceiling is harder to access (not too worried about this) but I’m guessing that’s the best location for picking up voice around the room.
  • What is the best mic+Pi combo available? ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular Array + Raspberry Pi as I suspect or something else?
  • Anyone have any thoughts on effective and attractive mounting with an acoustic mesh? I’m imagining hacking together some combination of an acoustic mesh over a large+round in-ceiling housing that could hold the Pi+Mic.

I just want to properly scope this part of the project out so I can get the right information to the low voltage team.


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I’m surprized nobody replied yet, as it is very big and interesting project :exploding_head:

As for me, I just don’t understand how it is possible to mount respeaker 6 into the wall/ ceiling and make it invisible… :crazy_face:

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I have already replied on the other forum, but with regards to the in-ceiling or in-wall I think I would go with in-wall.
The reason is that I think your voice is spoken more on the same level as the ceiling, although I am not sure if this is an issue. Your argument is just as plausable, maybe you can determine the best place per room.

I have no experiance with the respeaker, but in genereal that seems like a good choice.

In my living room is a ceiling lamp with a bluetooth speaker, there might be room for a Pi as well.
Something like this:


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I did not really test it yet, but I suppose in ceiling would be better when you want to use things like beamforming and direction of arrival data.

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