LocalHost:12101 not working well

Hi there, sometimes, when i run my localhost:12101 it shows some issues of connection.
Sometimes, even if i’m at home or at my school, it could be working or not.
I had tested runing with different ip’s like: [My IP_Adress]:12101, but it never shows me run response.
Maybe my problem could have been on my rhasspy+docker configuration with the ip address i have (i’m using a docker container btw), or maybe with my rhasspberry ip, i dont understand at all.
Since its a localhost, even without any connection to wifi or wlan, it should work.
I will be very gratefull if someone could help me!!!
PS: And yes, my Rhasspy and Docker is running correctly, my acess to the localhost is the problem here!

You can’t access your local network from outside. When you type ‘My IP_ADDRESS’ it should be your local address of the computer where Rhasspy container is running.

You can’t use localhost if you trying access the container from another host. You should use local IP of your Raspberry Pi

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