Listener doesnt stop after done talking


I am currently running the 2.4.2 version on a raspberry pi zero as a satellite and all is going well except one thing. i speak the wake word and it wakes, i speak the command and it hears me but after im done talking, it continues to listen until it times out after 30 seconds. after the 30 seconds it processes what i said correctly. it just seems like it cant tell when i stopped talking.

I actually have 2 different setups doing the same thing. i have one pi zero using the google aiy kit and another pi zero using the 2 mic seeed-voicecard

if anyone has seen this before or knows of a solution that would be great

thank you

The 2.4 release isn’t maintained anymore. Can you migrate to Rhasspy 2.5?

thanks Koan. I have done some testing and playing around with 2.5 and ran into some problems on the pi zero with it. i found that 2.5 was more resource intensive and with the limited computing power the pi zero has i felt it was better to stick with the 2.4

thanks for your comment!