[Larynx] String contain dot will create sub audio files

Hello, i got a question on Larynx but i’m not sure how to say it correctly.

I’ve been using Larynx as offline TTS for my school project and it’s the best offline TTS i’ve seen so far. We sent the string we want into larynx parameter and it will generate the audio file.

In my use case, my string that i sent is often contains “dot”, for example “Today’s weather is gonna be raining all day. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella.” This dot in the middle of my phrase, will make produce 2 audio file which is a bit inconvenient for me. I wish that the dot won’t cut the audio file into 2 files. My question is, is there any way how can i make that if my sentence have dot in it, it will produce one single audio file ? If there’s a way, could you tell me the full parameter of command-in-line ?

Thank you in advance.

Does replacing the period with a semicolon help?

Hi @LiqaNep, glad to hear Larynx is working well for you :slight_smile:

If you don’t specify --output-dir, it should combine all of the audio into a single WAV file and write that to stdout:

larynx ... > audio.wav

Let me know if you have any more issues :+1:

This is one option, though it will produce a “short pause” rather than a “long pause”.