[Larynx] ERROR: No matching distribution found for onnxruntime~=1.6.0


I would like to thank you for the hardwork on latest release of Larynx. I’m trying to install Larynx in my NanoM1+ (Armbian OS, armv7l) using pip3. During installation, i encounter this error “ERROR: No matching distribution found for onnxruntime~=1.6.0” (see screenshot below). I tried to install onnxruntime manually using pip3 but i get the same error as stated above. Am i doing something wrong here or i missed something to do beforehand ? Thanks for help and guidance.

[Resolved] Somehow i managed to find compatible onnxruntime whl for armv7l from third party i guess. Here’s the link : https://github.com/nknytk/built-onnxruntime-for-raspberrypi-linux

If anyone is installing Larynx via python and have an issue with onnxruntime, download the onnxruntime in the link above and it works for me.

If its anything like the tensorflow runtime you will get a hit of 2-3x on performance running on 32bit than the optimised 64bit code prefers.
Dunno if its as drastic as tensorflow but you might want to know it could be quite huge

Package of Onnxruntime could also be found here:

Maybe you will have the same problem with phonetisaurus, there is a package for raspberry here: https://github.com/rhasspy/phonetisaurus-pypi/releases

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Thanks ! These are some missing packages i that i’ve been looking for during previous version of Larynx (pytorch). Thank you very much !