[Larynx] AttributeError: 'Language' object has no attribute 'keep_accents'

Hello, i’m doing a school project about TTS. I’m still new with Larynx. I was hoping that i will able to use Larynx with French pre-trained model.

While i’m following the Larynx tutorial (https://github.com/rhasspy/larynx/blob/master/docs/tutorial.md), i’m encounter this error : AttributeError: ‘Language’ object has no attribute ‘keep_accents’ (see screenshot).

I’m stuck at Train Voice part. This error occured when i insert this command:

$ bin/larynx init local/kathleen/train
–language en-us
–name kathleen
–model-type glowtts
–dataset local/kathleen/larynx

I’m running Debian10 via VM in my mac i7-7700H (two processors + 3GB ram allocated to this VM). Thank you for your help.