Just installed won't start

I just installed this on Home Assistant

Home Assistant 2022.12.6
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20221213.0 - latest


Rhasspy Assistant
Current version: 2.5.11

I installed it as a HA addon and it when you hit the start button it does nothing…
I’ve looked all over but cannot seem to find out why…

Suggestions would be appreciated!!!

I guess you’re looking in Home Assistant for the user interface ? Because it’s not there. Rhasspy has its own web interface at port 12101.

For example one of my Rhasspy satellites is installed on a RasPi Zero at IP address (I prefer IP addresses rather than naming my machines)

Since yours is installed as a HA add-on, it is probably “http://homeassistant.local:12101/

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Maybe I didn’t explain it right…nothing new there LOL
Here’s what I mean…this is the backend in HA… where it says start in the lower corner…when I hit that it spins for a second but never starts… When it does you’ll get your webui link…but I can’t even get it start…

EDIT…okay it loaded using your url…but when I try to refresh the wake word list it just times out…
So many issues

OK … I have noticed Rhasspy can take a while to start up, on my Raspberry Pi running HAOS. What hardware are you running Home Assistant and Rhasspy on ?

I am running an intel NUC so speed shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:
Not sure what could possibly be causing that…

Rhasspy certainly generates a lot of log file, making it hard to spot the important things. So lets just take one thing at a time.

I am in the process of swapping to a DELL pc with i5 … and so far it doesn’t feel very fast. Maybe once it is all installed :wink:

Thought … if you are looking at the Rhasspy “Settings” page, scroll to the very top of the page and see if there is a button there about loading required files ?

Yes Thank you!

I did get it to train by switching Kaldi to ARPA the other one gives me an error and I’m thinking because I have names like kitchen_light, etc…

The problem is it’s running but won’t connect in home assistant… hummmmmmmm

As for the NUC everyone says it’s a waste as it’s the only thing I have running on it…but that’s the point it’s the only thing I want running on it :slight_smile:

Okay this is what I did when I got up…
I uninstalled everything…

I followed this guide:
Local Voice Control With Home Assistant Just Got Easier!

Everything is working great now :slight_smile:
I do appreciate your help!!! Thank you so much.

NOW I just have to learn how to get more commands in there :slight_smile:


Does this help ?

Oh I’ll read that I’m sure that’ll help greatly!!!

Thank you so much again!!!

Have you seen anyone lose button on their Home Assitant dashboard corresponding to the voice commands?

I have 2 commands to turn on a fan and turn on a light and now suddenly both are gone from my HA Dash… interesting for sure :slight_smile: