Jetson nano - no intent recognized

Hi guys,

Hope your all well, and thanks for a great community - been reading it for a while now.

Ive setup rhasspy on my new jetson nano with reaspeker 2 mic hat in a docker installation.

Using this official guide for nano (im using the waveshare version of the hat (its the same))

Have setup asla config file correctly and my mic and speakers are recognized fine, although I don’t hear sound when i text to speak but i here the wake word sound coming back after wake word.

My main issue though is, I’m using raven as the wake word and works quickly and every time, but whatever I try I keep getting intent not recognized (even the default sentences)

Im using Kaldi as SST and fistcuffs as intent recognition. Ive tried others apart from kaldi and always getting intent not recognized.

Can anyone help.



anyone? :shushing_face:

I did a bit more digging, upon playing back the audio i spoke - it plays back very slow motion and distorted - any ideas?

I have a jetson nano also. Did you get yours to work?