Is Rhasspy running on a Raspberry Pi 4?

I was trying around with Rhasspy on a Synology DiskStation (Docker). Sadly with completely no success (see topic).

I would like to do a second try with Rhasspy running directly on a dedicated hardware. I wanted to ask if a Raspberry Pi 4 is suitable for that?

If yes is somebody able to provide a guide for that? If not, what would you recommend?

Thanks, Christoph

Raspberry Pi 4 is very suitable for Rhasspy, especially for getting started.

  • Rhasspy runs well as an add-on to Home Assistant (in a Docker container) on a RasPi4
  • Rhasspy also runs directly under Debian (eg the Raspberry Pi OS), as described in the rhasspy documentation

I have both, running rhasspy rhasspy in satellite configuration even on a RasPi Zero

Running Rhasspy on a dedicated Pi 3B+, works very well, and the system use is less to nothing. :slight_smile:

So a Pi4 is very suitable for Rhasspy, especially if used as a dedicated machine. :slight_smile:

My rhasspy runs perfectly on my raspberry pi 4, but I have not been able to test it on the 64bit OS. This is in no way rhasspys fault and I guess it runs fine even then, but I am using a respeaker 4mic array and they just don’t have working drivers for 64bit (or current kernels, to be honest) so I can’t switch.