IQaudio Codec Zero finally hit the shops

I am interested if anyone has one of these yet and how this would perform in a pi zero w stack for a cheap rhasspy/snapcast speaker setup?

Alternatively if anyone has stacked it with a pi of any version for review with Rhasspy wakeword and intent recognition with playback.

If cheap is the main factor wm8960 or usb sound card is prob more likely.

I have one not done much struggled to get it to work as it has so many functions had to down load the and set the alsa state via file as was obviously doing something wrong.

Its a great card as it does everything onboard, 3.5mm in, aux in & out, speaker out, ALC & Noise gate smaples rates 8k to 192k…
No need for drivers just edit /boot/config.txt
Its $20 and if you don’t need all that then there are cheaper when for $10 a WM8060 just use a single onboard mic and that is it.

PS get a Pi3A+ as x10 more oomf for $10 more also from tests with tensorflow lite I can get models running in under 20% of a single core that are just under 80% of a Pi0 and that is a lot more Ooomf for $10 more with x4 cores vs 1
Because of the Armv8 architecture the Pi3 can run a 64bit OS which as far as I know all AI frameworks are heavily 64bit optimised and 32bit with AI is more or less just microcontrollers. (Approx 2-3x by just an OS swap)

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Thanks @rolyan_trauts I will keep an ear out for reviews on this and shop around. Appears the Adafruit voice bonnet is currently oos so I will look at this one.

What are your thoughts on the Waveshare version of the WM8960

The WM8960 is the chip codec so all the same really, the versions are just feng shui on the pcb.

Some say the clones are inferior but have a hunch unless skimping on the mems they are all very similar.
I got an aliexpress clone or was it ebay …? But anyway seems to work as well as others.
If it wasn’t for hintak driver support for respeaker would be null and same for adafruit and wavshare

I am not on commision for the Iqaudio as to be honest have preference for a USB soundcard and a simple DiY on a electret.

The rest 4mic whatever until you get to DSP just ignore that gulf.