IP Address in log

I have recently tried the new 2.5.5 version and i noticed the logs do no include the ip addresses anymore. for example back in 2.4 the log would show the ip address of where the text-to-intent is coming from or where the text-to-speech was sent to. I was wondering if i could set my logging to include those again.

to give some context i have a base server and 2 satellites. I dont have an MQTT broker. instead i have my python intent file on the base server look at the log and see where a text-to-intent comes from and sends the text-to-speech back to that same ip address and that let me have more than one satellite. but since the ip addresses are not in the logs for 2.5, i cant use this same work around.

So any ideas how to improve my workaround or how i can get ip’s back in the logs would be very helpful

Thank You!

Have you tried to identify your sattelite via siteId?
You can provide it in satellite settings and check