Intent Recognition over Hermes MQTT

Rhasspy and all the posts from you are very fun for me, thank you!

I have problems understanding the option “intent recognition” → “hermes mqtt” in rhasspy 2.5.11.

i am trying to implement my own solution for intent-recognition using node-red and a nodejs api with nlp.js

I assume that I can then use the payload of “hermes/nlu/query” to send it to my own intent recognition service and return its result with “hermes/intent/something” or
“hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized” back to rhasspy dialog management.

I test with the rhasspy GUI and send text to recognize. When I test via node-red.
“hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized” the progress bar disappears and not recognized appears as answer.
But if I try to send a “hermes/intent/something” nothing happens, as if this is not received or accepted by the rhasspy dialog management.
The GUI is the showing TimeoutError.
The payload is identical to when I set fsticuffs.

Have I misunderstood the concept?

To my understanding, this works as follows:
If “intentNotRecognized” is used as topic, then the process is finished and the dialog mgmt system finishes session automatically.
If an intent is recognized, the respective intent handler is expected to pick that up and either ask the dialog manager to “continue session” or “finish session” (see Reference - Rhasspy) (Dialog manager then will forward the requested text to the respective TTS system for the addressed siteId).

Exactly - after intent,

“hermes/intent/something” or “hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized”

the dialog manager should receive information about the termination of the session.

hermes/dialogueManager/endSession ...

@rejoe2 @jens-schiffke thank you very much!
That works :slight_smile: