Intent is recognized but sessionEnded always as timeout

I have finally found the time to play with rhasspy again. Most recently I had everything working great as a docker containers with node-red as server and sattelite. Big fun so far - THANKS!!!
with home assistant I had done nothing yet, because integrations seemed easier than with node-red and own applications, I now have everything as integration in home assistant.
Now I noticed that the pixel rings on my satellites continue to flash for a long time and could then see in the MQTT that after a successful intent recognition, the sessions end only by timeout.
Can someone give me a tip where I can start?

Yup, check this

Most probably, you do not use endSession. Is that assumption correct?

Previously I used a custom intend recognition.
In node Red I didn’t handled sessionEnd.
I checked my previous configuration, I couldn’t remember, but I configured intent handler also to my custom api. Ups
Will fix it tomorrow and than I can start working with your ESP32 Rhasspy Satellite, try to get this boards running:

Thanks twice

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