Intent Handling via Custom Command in 2.4.20

Good Evening,

I recently updated my rhasspy from 2.4.19 to 2.4.20 and now my custom command script does not work anymore. If I call the script directly and provide it with a json to work with it runs perfectly fine but as soon as I try via rhasspy it just does not run and rhasspy tells me it exited with non zero exit status 1.

I do know that my script does not even run because I do write into a logfile and there should be quite a few entries in there but none show up if I start via rhasspy.

When I checked the changelog I did not see anything that looked like it should break anything but something must have changed, either by me experimenting or with the update.

Since I normally rely on my log to find the error if I get a non zero exit status message I am now cmpletely stumped as to how to debug this. I checked the profile.conf twice and the path is correct, the rhasspy log also has the correct path in it, it has execute permissions and the whole script only outputs the json it is supposed to output.

Does anyone have an idea why this does not work anymore or how I can figure out what exactly the problem is?


Okay, I found the issue with it after I finally figured out how to enter the docker container and use a console there. I was missing a package that used to be installed (pytz). I then tried to install it via my hacky way (basically try catch with a system command to install via pip) which resulted in another error because in the new docker file there is no pip installed anymore.