Intent handling MQTT


is it possible tot send een intent handeling to an second MQTT server

At the moment I’m using the internal MQTT server (if I use my external MQTT server there is too much unnecessary traffic on my MQTT server) but I would like that the recognized command is send to my external MQTT server
and maybe that is also listen to the external MQTT server for response

already thanks

Not possible with Rhasspy, but you can use Node-red to create a flow that does this.
Relay the intent to and from Rhasspy

Just a question, what is the reason you find this “too much unnecessary traffic on my MQTT server”?
It is all fairly light-weight so should not have a large footprint on the performance of your MQTT broker.

the problem is if I do mosquitto_sub -h localhost -u xxxxxx -P xxxxxx -p 1883 -t ‘#’ -v on my MQTT server
I get a lat off Gibberish and don’t seen any of the normal traffic from my other devices

and to use node-red do I need to run it on the same device or can I connect it to an other Node-red on an other device?

mosquitto_sub -h localhost -u xxxxxx -P xxxxxx -p 1883 -t ‘#’ -v

You could directly subscribe to the topics of interest instead of the global wildcard topic “#”.

Or use something with a gui in tree view. I am on windows but I can collapse/expand topics based on what I want to see (MQTTExplorer). I am pretty sure something like that exists for linux and mac, too.