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I tried using the build script to install the dependencies and noticed two things which i fixed manually.
First of all the phonetisaurus download path from your github is not available anymore. I replaced it with the original. I hope there were no major changes in there?

Secondly while going through the steps of the bash file manually more precisely while doing ./configure for phonetisaurus i got asked to configure openfst with the --enable-static flag instead of the --disable-static. Only after doing so the configuration could find the openfst files even though included in the bash command.
Was the disable on purpose and is it connected to the phonetisaurus-2019 file from your git or is it a bug?

The phonetisaurus download got lost in some repo restructuring, the correct download location is now:

(fixed in current repo version)

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I honestly don’t remember anymore. I had used the sample build instructions from the Phonetisaurus repo at some point, and I believe they did the same thing. I may need to revisit the script and make sure only what’s necessary is present.

Honestly, if I could port what Opengrm and Phonetisaurus do to Python, even with a 5-10x slowdown, I would be so happy to be free of OpenFST and the C++ build chains!

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OpenFst is now available on conda-forge. Linux (x86) and Mac OS X users who already have conda can install using the following command: conda install -c conda-forge openfst.

No Arm though

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