Hyperactive Porcupine since Rhasspy 2.5.9

Hi everybody,

while running Rhasspy 2.5.8 was setup was working quite fine. Since upgrading to 2.5.9 however Purcupine has become way too trigger-happy. With the Rhasspy upgrade came a Porcupine upgrade from 1.8. to 1.9.
The mic is a Matrix Voice.

The system activates very frequently when it’s not supposed to. In most cases there was no sound that even remotely resembles the wakeword (default porcupine).
The good thing is: It still works pretty well when I WANT it to activate though.

From https://github.com/Picovoice/Porcupine

Sensitivity is the parameter that enables developers to trade miss rate for false alarm. It is a floating point number within [0, 1]. A higher sensitivity reduces miss rate at cost of increased false alarm rate.

So I’ve increased the value. I have the feeling it makes things worse. When lowering it it’s the same.

Now my main question is: Has anybody here made the same experience?

Hi @rolyan_trauts,

what is it you’re trying to tell me? Use different hardware?

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Nah the other guy is also having probs with matrix creator & porcupine

I believe I got confused while reading the documentation or there may have been a difference in how the different wake word engines interpret the sensitivity value.

Anyway, I was able to improve it significantly by LOWERING the value.

I know I wrote it wasn’t any better in that direction, but currently it seems to be. Even when not trusting my perception, but checking the log files there seem to be less wrong activations now. 0.3 works for me currently, but it seems to vary from satellite to satellite (as they are in differently noisy rooms).

I think also the sensitivity of KW can also get confused with the VAD sensitivity as somtimes noise can stop silence detection so KW is locked until timeout.