How to stop Rhasspy repeating my question?

It’s annoying that Rhasspy is repeating every question i ask. Is there a way to stop that? It’s not only repeating my questions it’s repeating it with the value it has. I.e. if i ask “whats the weather on first december?”, Rhasspy says “Whats the weather on One One Two” or “Whats the weather on 1 12” and after that gives the anwser, i was waiting for.

it’s 13 centimetres long

I dont get your joke or what it’s meant to be. But i’ve tried to make my question a little more clear.

Please give some more info about your setup, this is not what Rhasspy does so there must be some other piece of software running that is causing this.

Ah might be rhasspy-hermes-app which is the base of all skills i have implemented.
There is nothing special about my Setup, just GoogleWavenet and MQTT external, the others are all recommended.