How to run Rhasspy in WSL2

My PC is Windows 10 19043.1526, installed WSL (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

I followed the steps of ‘Virtual Enviromental installation" , everything was done.

I also copied, and renamed as rhasspy in /rhasspy/.venv/share

Then how I could run rhassy, so that I could connect it via http://localhost:12101?

Can anyone help? many thanks!

rhasspy --profile en

Thanks!, but when I run rhasspy --profile en
vincenthou@METESTW-FF9B911:~/rhasspy/.venv/share$ rhasspy --profile en

got result as following:
rhasspy: command not found

Hm ok, I do not know much about the venv. I use docker :slight_smile:
Sorry about that

Further on this topic, when I run rhasspy --profile en, system replied:
/usr/bin/rhasspy: line 7: /usr/bin/bin/rhasspy-voltron: No such file or directory

I followed the installation of virtual enviroment, everything is OK, and I find rhasspy-voltron is in the following path

So I need update the file “” with above path?