How to remove a profile?

Good day everyone. I want to start from scratch and remove my profile from HA. I uninstall Rhasspy and then installed again, open Web ui and all my stuff is still there. Please help me to remove my profile. I also follow the Youtube video from Everything Smart Home: Local Voice Control With Home Assistant Just Got Easier! - YouTube
And this is what I got

Thank you

Remove /share/rhasspy folder

Thank you for your response but I don’t have this folder

I have a HA on Raspberry pi 4
andI use file editor for all my Yaml files

Yes you do, just disable “Enforce Basepath” in the addon config. Then you can browse 1 level higher than config.
The share folder is on the same level.

You can also install the samba addon, then you can access the folders and files from your pc.

I did it
Thank you
I will try to start Rhasspy from scratch now