How to enter the rhasspy python virtual venv

I have tried to enter the python virtual environment to add a module, but it seems a bit weird to me.

I am trying to add the snowboy modules to the aarch64 and have not succeeded. I did succeed by:

  1. doing the deb install,
  2. moving the rhasspy-wake-snowboy to rhasspy-wake-snowboy.bak.
  3. git clone of rhasspy-wake-snowboy,
  4. modified the to comment out the snowboy references and added “pip3 install git+”
  5. move the git cloned rhasspy-wake-snowboy to replace the moved location.

Snowboy now works, but it has its own venv and I wonder if there is a modicum of speed/effency that could be had by just including that snowboy module to the base rhasspy install.

Oh… forgot to mention I am running buster 64bit which has snowboy disabled.