How does ignore_unknown_words work when set to false

I am still somewhat new to rhasspy, i have been playing around with it for 2 weeks now and i was wondering how the ignore_unknown_words property for the intent recognition works. i have set this to false and it doesnt seem to have changed anything.

the reason i am asking is because i have been experimenting and i have a simple intent called goodMorning. i just say “good morning” and it says “good morning” back.

the wake word i am using is brixton so if i say the wake word and then say “good morning brixton”, it would say “good morning” back and the raw text would only be “raw_text”: “good morning”. but with ignore_unknown_words set to false, i was expecting the raw text to be “raw_text”: “good morning brixton”

So i was hoping for a little guidance on what the ignore_unknown_words property does and if there is a way i can have the raw text be “raw_text”: “good morning brixton”?

thank you!