How can I make an intercom

I’m new to all this so if I don’t explain clearly or am missing basic knowledge, I apologize in advance.

I have a Pi running in a closet. I have another 2 Pi (3B+)s running Rhasspy in Docker with ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HATs and a speaker on each. In my sentences.ini file, I use the last digits of the IP address of that particular Pi at the end of each intent so when they are passed to Home Assistant and trigger an automation, the spoken response (if there is one) will be passed back to whichever Rhasspy Pi sent the intent. This all works well enough for me. Great job making Rhasspy easy to use for someone with very little coding or Pi experience.

I was just wondering if there is a simple way that I’m overlooking to stream (maybe the wrong word?) audio from one Rhasspy Pi to the other Rhasspy Pi. The main reason is so I’m not shouting from part of my house to the other. Ideally, this would be capable of a two-way (or more) conversation, triggered by an intent passed to Home Assistant with a way to end the conversation (hang up) with another spoken command and intent passed to When I’ve tried stuff from the command line that I thought might work, I get “Device or resource busy” types of errors about the mic. Any help appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

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No one else wants to be able to say “Okay Rhasspy” call (upstairs | downstairs)

Me: Hey we’ll be leaving in 5 minutes.
Person next to other Rhasspy Pi: oh okay, I’ll be right down!

I think dsnoop is going to be involved but I don’t know how to use it with Rhasspy in docker using my mic and speaker already. I’m happy to try to answer questions, I still don’t know much about this :blush:

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Nice idea, can probably done with the Pi’s connected to MQTT and use the audioFrame topics :slight_smile: