How can I enable intent handling by an external program?

In the docs it says that I can use an external program to do intent handling. I’ve also found some examples (python and bash). But where can I enable it? The web UI doesn’t seem to show one suitable option.

What do you exactly mean? You can just listen for the events over mqtt for example and handle your intents using any language that has a mqtt framework. I’m using JS for example.

Hello voice,

in the settings section of the web UI, you can activate this in intend handling.

Elsewise, there is also the corresponding setting in the profile.json in the handle section.

But be aware, currently is only one intend handler possible

I this UI from 2.5? I’m on 2.4.20 and I can’t find this option ("There is no “Inten Handling” drop down list).
But least I’ve found the item in the profile.json file.

Is there a way to see what’s going on? (a log file?).

I’ve finished this part, the web UI says it’s all good, including the default wake word…but the system doesn’t seem to wake at all. Or it wakes but something breaks.